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Safety & Risk Management

Holder's Risk Management Services are an integral part of the successful construction expertise we offer.  These services aim to minimize risk and maximize value for our Clients. Our dedicated Risk Management Department focuses primarily on Project Safety, Insurance / Bonding, Environmental Risk, and Post Construction Programs:


Holder's award-winning safety program includes safety incentives for accident-free performance, safety training, orientation meetings and inspections, a monthly safety newsletter, and extensive safety monitoring and tracking to identify trends and implement new or advanced safety measures.

Insurance / Bonding

Insurance and bonding are an important protection for our Clients and for our company. We have extensive experience managing both Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIPs), as well as Subguard programs. Holder is also experienced in innovative programs such as Subcontractor Default Insurance.

Environmental Risk Management

Holder has programs in place to control risk associated with environmental factors including mold, dust/debris, asbestos, and other factors affecting Indoor Air Quality, as well as hazardous materials in soil and ground water. These programs are proactive rather than reactive and focus on assessment and prevention as well as remediation.

Post Construction Services

Post Construction support is an important service that guarantees continued value for our Clients. Our approach to identifying and correcting warranty issues gives our Clients the peace of mind that Holder will be there to resolve post construction issues in a timely manner. Holder Construction offers a Warranty Access Management (W.A.M.) System as a tool to resolve these issues. The W.A.M. System is an interactive web-based database that enables the Owner, Contractor and Building Manager to notify, communicate, update and resolve project warranty items in a real time environment.