Partner With Us

We deeply value the importance of our partnerships with design firms and trade contractors. These critical relationships are essential for building a high-quality project on time and within budget. By leveraging individual expertise, we can be successful together.

Our Partners

Success comes from our relationship with the entire project team. Doug Hunter leads us to strive for fairness, honesty, and respect to execute everyone’s best work.

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The Right Attitude

"Perkins + Will had the pleasure to work with Holder Construction for more than two years on the corporate headquarters...I can honestly say that it was one of the best projects that I have had the pleasure to work on in my thirty year career. The team had the right attitude throughout and were amazing and fun to work with."

“The team...were amazing and
fun to work with”

Joyce Fownes


Unmatched in the Industry

"Holder’s detailed knowledge regarding critical MEP systems, ability to coordinate and effectively collaborate is unmatched in the industry. They have a culture which accepts only the highest level of quality and partnerships."

“...a culture which accepts only the
highest level of quality”

Jonathan Blanscet


Best in Class

"Holder exemplifies excellence throughout their organization and the highest level of professionalism from preconstruction to job completion. We view them as among the best in class for general contractors!"

“excellence...and the highest
level of professionalism”

Jeremy Darden


Confidence in a Great Experience

“When we work with Holder, we have confidence that the job will be well-managed while meeting the owner’s goals – and that we’ll have a good experience along the way.”

“…Confidence that the job will be well-managed.”

Van Nguyen